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Art with Friends

Transformative Cultural Experiences

Since 2020, spearheaded by Dr. Lauren Jimerson, our courses have fostered not only knowledge but also intimate connections. Our specialized courses focus extensively on women artists across different eras—Renaissance, Modern, and Contemporary. Discover the influential works of Modern artists like Tamara de Lempicka, Sonia Delaunay, Hilma af Klint and Suzanne Valadon through our foundational course on Modern Women Artists. This course, based on Dr. Jimerson's research from her book Painting Her Pleasure, highlights the remarkable contributions of female painters and sets the stage for further cultural enrichment.

Art with Friends is dedicated to creating small, supportive communities, particularly for mature women. Our programs are perfect for retired women seeking intellectual stimulation and community engagement. Through our online courses and trips, participants forge lasting friendships and engage deeply with cultural content that resonates with their life experiences.

Join us to explore, learn, and connect through the rich array of art history courses with Art with Friends—a portal to cultural enrichment and personal connection.

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Catalogue of Past Art with Friends Courses

Sisterhood of Sculptors

Study American women who came to Rome in the 19th century and achieved fame on both sides of the Atlantic

The Death of Cleopatra

Art of Ukraine

Discover the significant artistic contributions of Ukrainian artists in the 20th and 21st centuries. 10% of Proceeds donated to the Museum Crisis Center, protecting Ukrainian heritage.

Bird Mariia Pryimachenko
Tarsila do Amaral


Discover Modern artists who captured tropical paradise in their work.

Caravaggio fugitive in southern italy

Caravaggio:Fugitive in Southern Italy

Experience a cultural cornucopia of art, history, food and wine as we explore southern Italy through the eyes of a rebel artist.

Paris Fashion Odyssey

Discuss the history of fashion, shopping and haute couture in France!

Paris Fashion Odyssey

Jewish Artists of the Ecole de Paris

Discover Jewish artists who made their mark on Modern art.

Jewish Artists of the Ecole de Paris
Mickalene Thomas, Portrait of Mnonja wit

Black Heroes of Art

Uncover black models from art history and the ingenuity of black artists past and present.

Emilie Charmy woman artist

Modern Women Artists

Groundbreaking, Fulbright-funded research on Modern women artists and their representations of the nude.

Renaissance & Baroque Women Artists

"I will show Your Illustrious Lordship what a woman can do" - Artemisia Gentileschi

Self portrait as the Allegory of Paintin

Customized Experiences

Customize a private experience or series for friends, family or colleagues.

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