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Art History Courses

Delve into the history and analysis of art with friends

Women art
Artemisia Gentileschi

We believe that experiencing art is a profound and enriching journey. Our art history courses bolster knowledge, encourage individual introspection and nurture meaningful relationships. 

Art with Friends courses delve into diverse topics and themes, such as modern women artists, the history of fashion, the representation of the Black model in art, modern Jewish artists, European gardens, and Renaissance women artists. Each class offers a transformative educational experience that enriches the mind and fosters connections between intimate groups of art enthusiasts.

Each art history course is designed to accommodate all levels of art knowledge, with no prior background required. Courses are taught by Lauren Jimerson, PhD—an art historian specializing in modern art in France and the U.S., with a focus on gender studies, women artists, and visual culture.

Art History Courses Online
Global Art Journey, Celebrating Women Artists


Global Art Journey:
Celebrating Women Artists

Uncover the powerful contributions of women artists to the global art landscape.

In honor of Women's History Month, embark on a journey around the world to celebrate the significant contributions of women artists & uncover how women are dominating, shaping, and enriching the global art scene.


Abstract Art &
The Quest for Peace

Discover how abstract art transcends linguistic and cultural barriers to evoke a universal sense of peace.

Delve into the fascinating intersection between abstract art and the profound theme of peace. We'll trace the evolution of abstraction as a powerful artistic language, spanning from the early 20th century to the present day, and explore how various artists have employed this form to articulate, explore, and promote peace.

Abstract Art & The Quest for Peace
Curatorial Odyssey: Journey Through Europe's 2023 Landmark Exhibitions


Curatorial Odyssey: Journey Through Europe's 2023 Landmark Exhibitions

A journey of enlightenment through the exhibitions that captured the world's gaze in 2023.

Discover cutting-edge exhibitions from the Tate Modern to the Musée d'Orsay, experiencing art through a unique lens that sheds new light on curation.


Through Her Lens

Hannah Höch, Dora Maar and the Photomontage Revolution

Embark on an exhilarating exploration of the revolutionary works of Dora Maar and Hannah Höch, two trailblazing female photographers who redefined the visual language of the 20th century.

Through Her Lens
Bold Strokes: Women Painting Women


Bold Strokes: Women Painting Women

Discover portraits by women artists in this engaging and stimulating webinar series.

Portrait by portrait, discover how female artists explored and invigorated the representation of women. This art series celebrates their pivotal role in defining modern womanhood.

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