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Bespoke Art Journeys

Worldwide Art Journeys
Worldwide Art Journeys

Embark on a bespoke art journey designed specifically for you and your group of friends at your desired destination. Lauren crafts your itinerary to reflect your passions, transforming your trip into an unforgettable exploration of art and culture.

Discover the essence of art and culture through a personalized journey curated by Lauren Jimerson, PhD, a seasoned guide with over 15 years of experience in the heart of Europe's artistic capitals. From the Vatican to the vibrant streets of Paris, Lauren's expertise and passion have illuminated the path for art enthusiasts seeking more than just a trip, but a profound exploration of art's wonders.

Laurent Jimerson

Why Choose Art with Friends for Your Bespoke Journey?

Lauren Jimerson Louvre Titian
Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun Louvre with Lauren Jimerson

Discover Hidden Gems & Immerse Yourself in Art History

Joining Lauren on an art journey means more than just seeing the sights; it's about getting to the heart of what makes each destination special. With her expertise, gained from guiding tours in Paris, Rome, and other European art capitals since 2009, you'll uncover hidden treasures and learn the stories behind them. Lauren's deep knowledge of art and culture opens up unique experiences that go beyond the usual tourist paths, offering genuine moments of discovery.

You'll enjoy a blend of iconic masterpieces and overlooked works, meet experts in local culture, all while strengthening friendships. This approach ensures a deeper and more meaningful exploration of art, making each journey memorable.

peppers Venice Italy
Sea urchin San Sebastian

Gastronomic Delights & Local Flavors

Immersing yourself in a city's culture is incomplete without savoring its culinary delights. On your bespoke journey, you'll embark on a gastronomic adventure through each destination, featuring curated lunches, dinners, and a standout dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Experience the true flavor of each region's cuisine and terroir, enhancing your journey and deepening your appreciation for the culinary traditions unique to each place.

Musical Highlights & City Beats

Music is an integral thread of a city's cultural fabric. With musical events and soirées curated to your musical tastes, we aim to capture the genuine pulse of each destination.


From the lilting notes of a jazz concert in legendary clubs to an intimate classical concert in a private palazzo in Venice to the dramatic echoes of a renowned opera like Don Giovanni at the Paris opera house, we ensure you and your friends experience the true sonic essence of each city.

Don Giovanni
Artistic and culniary activities at Art with Friends
macaron making class Versailles

Custom Artistic & Culinary Activities

Venture off the beaten path and delve into unique artistic experiences. Envision drawing side by side with a celebrated contemporary figurative sculptor, mastering the age-old art of fresco painting within a secluded Italian studio. Picture yourself in an exclusive pottery session, surrounded by the inspiring beauty of Greece. Learn the art of baking with a pastry chef in Paris or pasta making in Rome.

Each bespoke journey is enriched with extraordinary experiences, meticulously tailored to you and your friends. Embark on this journey and unleash your creative spirit!

Oh the places to go!












..and many more!


Lauren Jimerson, PhD

Art Historian and licensed French Guide

Founder of Art with Friends, Lauren Jimerson is an art historian specializing in modern women artists. She holds a PhD from Rutgers University, an MA from the Courtauld Institute, and a BA from Cornell University. Her research has benefited from grants including a Fulbright fellowship. Her book, Painting Her Pleasure: Three Women Artists and the Nude in Avant-Garde Paris, was recently published by Manchester University Press in 2023. Licensed as a French National Guide, Lauren has 15 years of experience leading scholarly tours in Paris, Rome, and beyond.

Lauren Jimerson Art Historian

Your Journey, Tailored to You & Your Friends

Lauren's approach to curating art journeys is deeply personalized. Understanding that each group of travelers has unique tastes and interests, she meticulously tailors each journey to ensure it resonates on a personal level. Whether you're drawn to the Renaissance splendor of Florence or the avant-garde allure of Bilbao, Lauren crafts your itinerary to reflect your passions, transforming your trip into an unforgettable exploration of art and culture.

Go on a Curated Artistic Adventure

Embark on a journey where art history comes alive, guided by a knowledgeable and passionate art historian and her cohort of experts. On your bespoke Art with Friends journey, you're not just traveling; you're experiencing the transformative power of art in the company of your friends.

Start with a Complimentary Art Journey Conversation with Lauren

Ready to curate your own art journey or simply want to learn more? Connect with us, and let Lauren design an experience that transcends the ordinary, immersing you and your chosen companions in the beauty and depth of art like never before.

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