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Virtual Art Seminar

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Art with Friends

Join an intimate community for five lively discussions on Modern art. In each class, we will learn about an important female artist whose work remains largely understudied today. No background in art necessary. All that's required is a curious mind. The material presented is the result of over five years of archival research and forms the basis of a forthcoming book on women artists and the nude in early twentieth-century Paris. Sessions are led by Lauren Jimerson, PhD. 

Live From Paris!

Art with Friends takes you Beyond the Louvre

Discover art that you won't see at the Louvre or the Orsay. Uncover art from private collections and museum storage. Study important but understudied women artists. Connect with people from around the world to explore art, history and culture.

Upcoming Webinar Series:

Mondays at 10:00 am EST, February 15-March 15

Deepen your understanding of art history and enrich your life through meaningful discussion.

This webinar will change the way you look at art.

Valadon, Vassilieff, Charmy self-portrai

Discover Modern Women Artists

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- The Experience -

Connect with friends around the world to explore art, history and culture

In January, 2020, I met Joan Libera and Sumi Shohara at the Louvre. I led them on a tour of the Leonardo Exhibition. Unbeknownst to us at the time, tourism would come to a complete standstill with the rapid spread of Covid-19. In March, under a nationwide lockdown in France, I stopped leading tours and turned my attention to writing.


Unexpectedly, I got an email from Sumi that brightened my day. She wrote, 

"I am interested in supporting the wonderful people engaged in the arts and tourism and was wondering if you are conducting virtual tours, or art seminars. I recall that you were preparing to deliver a presentation on female artists in Chicago this spring. Perhaps a lay-persons version of that presentation? "  

We decided to launch a pilot webinar to enable exploration at a time when travel was not possible, and to get friends together no matter where they happened to be. Sumi and Joan gathered their friends from around the world, and I conceived a series of seminars on the women artists I had already been researching for over five years. My goal was to teach modern art through the eyes of women and bring their forgotten work into the spotlight. Sumi served as host extraordinaire. She also had the brilliant idea to have a percentage of the proceeds go to World Central Kitchen. "I want to feed people," she said. With Sumi's marketing expertise and experience in customer advocacy, we refined and polished the webinar taking everyone's feedback into account. 

The pilot evolved into a close-knit community of people stretching across the globe, coming together each week to learn and discuss art history. At the end of each meeting, everyone shared feedback. 

Here are a just a few of those testimonials: 





Joan, California

This has been extremely inspirational to the point of making me want to cry.

The women have had such a hard time to represent themselves and it’s unfair.

George, California

I’m pretty much in awe. I don’t have a great background in art. It’s been a wonderful experience because I’m looking at stuff now and seeing things that I would have turned my nose up at prior to this.

Carmen, Bucharest, Romania

Lauren, it was wonderful to discover so many insights. It was really engaging the way you spoke about art and its historical context. What I liked the most was the time concept of Henri Bergson and how it related – that was really interesting.

Join us!

Join an intimate community of art enthusiasts or create your own experience exclusively for you and your friends.

Upcoming webinar series:

Mondays at 10:00 am EST, February 15-March 15

Try the first session at no risk! If you decide not to continue with the webinar for any reason,

I will refund 100% of the remaining 4 sessions. Please request refund before the second week. 


*To streamline the booking process, only one date appears in the booking system. However,

the event is a series of 5 seminars and your booking includes them all.*

  • Webinars are sold in packs of 5.

  • Each webinar is limited to a maximum of 12 people to enable lively and engaging discussions.

  • Held on the same day and time each week, each session is 90 minutes.

  • No background in art necessary. All that's required is a curious mind. 

*If you would like to propose a specific date and time, or if you have any questions, 

please contact me!

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