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Unleash Your Freedom: Why Solo Travel with Art with Friends is a Game-Changer for Retired Women

Updated: May 11

Why Retired Women Should Embrace Solo Travel with Art with Friends

In light of the emerging trend of solo travel among married individuals, particularly retired women as highlighted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, it's evident that the desire for independence and personal growth doesn't diminish with age. At Art with Friends, we've tailored unique travel experiences that cater specifically to the needs and aspirations of solo female travelers. Here's why our journeys are a perfect match for retired women looking to explore the world.

Crafted Exclusively for Women, by Women

Our journeys stand out because they are led by women, for women. This creates a supportive and understanding environment that many mainstream travel services lack. Our upcoming"Bauhaus to Biennale" journey, to Venice and Berlin, for instance, celebrates women’s history and their contributions to the arts, providing a rich, immersive experience. Each destination on our journeys is carefully chosen to highlight influential women artists, designers, and historians, enriching your travel experience with deep cultural and historical insights.

Unparalleled Itineraries

Our itineraries are as unique as they are enriching. Designed to venture beyond the conventional tourist paths, our tours—like the vibrant Venice Biennale or the groundbreaking art scenes in Berlin—offer unique insights and experiences that you won’t find elsewhere. Each itinerary is meticulously crafted, eschewing the cookie-cutter approach to ensure that each journey is a one-of-a-kind exploration led by knowledgeable and personable female art historians.

Tiny Group Size to Foster Friendships

Traveling in a small group not only enhances the travel experience through personalized attention but also fosters intimate friendships among like-minded women. Our groups are limited to 10 participants, emphasizing the importance of community and connection. This setting allows for deeper engagement with the art and culture of each site visited and creates a warm, communal feeling that lasts long after the journey ends. Moreover, our pre-departure intimate live art history classes are designed to prepare you for what lies ahead and to begin forming these meaningful bonds.

A Journey of Independence and Connection

In recent Wall Street Journal article, "The Trick to a Great Marriage: Vacation Without Your Partner" Allison Pohle highlights how "retired women especially are planning more trips away from their significant others." Pohle underscores a significant rise in solo travel among retired women, driven by a desire for freedom and personal expression. She writes, "Most married solo travelers are women. Many say they enjoy the sense of freedom that comes from independent travel." At Art with Friends, we embrace this spirit of adventure. By joining one of our tours, you are not just signing up for a holiday; you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery and communal experience, tailored to enrich your life through the powerful medium of art.

We understand that the independence a solo journey offers is priceless—there’s no need to compromise on where to eat or what to see. With Art with Friends, you have the freedom to indulge in your personal interests with the added benefit of being in the company of fellow art lovers who share your passion and zest for life.

As the landscape of travel evolves, and more retired women choose to step out into the world on their own terms, Art with Friends is here to ensure that these adventures are not only possible but also deeply rewarding. Join us, and see for yourself why our specialized, women-focused travel experiences are the perfect choice for your next solo journey.

Lauren Jimerson with Cristina Gregorin

Art with Friends founder Lauren Jimerson, PhD and Venice guide Cristina Gregorin, PhD at a Biennale party in Venice in April 2024.

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