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Art with Friends

Transformative cultural experiences

Sonia Delaunay
Women art
Suzanne Valadon

 Enriching lives through art
and connection


Art with Friends is an intimate and supportive community of art enthusiasts who come together to learn about art history and travel to artistic destinations around the world. 

Online art classes for personal growth

Cerebral and communal experience of discovering, viewing and experiencing art

Art Journeys around
the world 

Global art experiences taught and directed by an art historian, and led by scholars who are masters in their subjects

Intimate communities
of culture lovers

Creating supportive communities and fostering friendships


Lauren Jimerson, PhD

Art Historian and licensed French Guide

I first realized my passion for teaching while guiding visitors through the Vatican in 2009. Since then I have led over a thousand tours. As a lecturer, scholar, and licensed French national guide, my goal is to make art history come to life and to create lasting memories. I do this by turning history into a compelling story, paying attention to your specific interests, encouraging questions, and sparking discussion.

Lauren Jimerson, Art Historian and Licensed French Guide
Art history Courses online
Art history Courses online
Art history Courses online

Art courses

Discover the enriching world of art with Art with Friends' transformative classes that foster personal growth and lasting friendships. Delve into diverse art history topics, from modern women artists to Renaissance masterpieces, in an intimate, supportive environment. Led by Dr. Lauren Jimerson and expert guest speakers, our classes accommodate all levels of art knowledge, offering an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience for all.

Art journeys

Embark on an unforgettable art journey with Art with Friends, a community of passionate art enthusiasts exploring the world's artistic and cultural wonders. Discover breathtaking destinations in France, Italy, Spain and beyond, while connecting with fellow travelers through unique and personalized private museum tours, exquisite meals, wine tastings, and artisanal experiences. Join us to enrich your life and let your love for art, culture, and friendship flourish.

Small art group travel
art journeys Louvre
Lauren Jimerson licensed French national guide
Edgar Degas Orsay Museum
"Lauren’s breadth of knowledge is vast and she makes the tours interesting for both the adults and especially the kids. My kids adore her and the last time we went to Paris the first thing they asked was if we were seeing Lauren. It seems there isn’t a single fact about the City Of Lights that she does not know. We cannot wait to go back and see more of that fabulous city with her!"

Erika, Miami, FL

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