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Abstract Art & Peace - Recordings

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Service Description

In "Abstract Art and the Quest for Peace," we'll trace the evolution of abstraction as a powerful artistic language, spanning from the early 20th century to the present day, and study how various artists have employed this form to articulate, explore, and promote peace. Week 1: The Early Pioneers of Abstract Art Focus Artists: Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian The first week delves into the works of Kandinsky and Mondrian, two pivotal figures in the early abstract movement. Discussions will center on Kandinsky's spiritual approach to art and Mondrian's pursuit of universal harmony through geometric abstraction. This week sets the stage for understanding how abstract art emerged as a language to express deeper, often spiritual, ideals of peace and balance. Week 2: The Spiritual and the Serene Focus Artists: Hilma af Klint, Anna-Eva Bergman Topics: This week focuses on the mystical and serene aspects of abstract art, exploring the works of Hilma af Klint and Anna-Eva Bergman. Af Klint's pioneering spiritual abstractions and Bergman's tranquil, minimalistic landscapes will be analyzed for their meditative qualities and their reflections on nature, spirituality, and inner peace. Week 3: Mid-20th c Abstraction Focus Artists: Mark Rothko, Agnes Martin, Yaacov Agam Topics: Shifting to mid-20th century artists Rothko and Martin, this session will explore Rothko's emotive color field paintings and Martin's minimalist grids, discussing how their art creates spaces for contemplation and emotional resonance, contributing to a narrative of inner peace and existential reflection. Then, we’ll discover Yaacov Agam, a pioneer of kinetic art. Agam's dynamic and interactive works provide a unique perspective on abstract art, focusing on change, viewer engagement, and the fluidity of perception. His approach offers a vibrant contrast to Rothko's and Martin's styles, underlining the diverse ways mid-20th century artists used abstraction to explore the complexities of peace and human experience. Week 4: Contemporary Voices in Abstraction Focus Artists: Julie Mehretu, Bracha Ettinger, Sigalit Landau, Michal Rovner Topics: The final week is dedicated to contemporary artists including Julie Mehretu and Bracha Ettinger, and Israleri artists Sigalit Landau and Michal Rovner, all significant voices in the conversation about art and peace. Altogether, we shall see how contemporary artists continue to explore and expand the role of abstract art in articulating and fostering peace.

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