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Live from Lisbon!
Claim Your Throne at Queluz Palace, Portugal this Valentine's Day!

Palais royal de Queluz
Estela Mendes

This Valentine's Day, Claim Your Throne at Queluz Palace! Join esteemed art historian and Lisbon guide, Estela Mendes, for a spellbinding virtual session that shines a light on the majestic Royal Palace of Queluz. Known for its breathtaking architecture, pastel colors, stunning gardens and exquisite details, you'll feel like royalty as you experience this Portuguese masterpiece and hidden gem.

Our focus will be on the remarkable women associated with the palace, particularly during the reign of Queen Maria I. These influential figures from three successive generations brought their unique impact to the palace, shaping its social and political landscape. We'll explore their personal stories, from their upbringing and education to their ambitions and significant roles within the grand setting of Queluz Palace.

We'll learn about the Portuguese court in the wider context of European royalty. Learn about the strategic relationships and alliances that were pivotal to Portugal's history, and how these women navigated the complex networks of power and diplomacy.

Prepare to be transported through time, as Estela Mendes brings the historical narratives of these exceptional women to life, offering a glimpse into the splendor and legacy of the Queluz Palace. Discover the enduring stories that unfold in this magnificent royal residence.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 14 @ 9 am ET

WHERE: On Zoom (recording available to all registrants)

PRICE: $30 (your contribution supports a local Portuguese art historian and guide.)

SPECIAL OFFER: invite a friend, and your attendance is on us!


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About Your Guide: Estela Mendes, is an art historian born in Lisbon. Estela's journey through the world of art and history has been a journey that has unfolded across two culturally rich capitals – Lisbon and London.
Having initially immersed herself in the educational realm of museums in Portugal, Estela's career took an international turn in 2011 when she ventured to London. There, she worked at some of the most prestigious museums including Buckingham Palace, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery.

In 2016, Estela returned to her roots in Lisbon, where she embarked on a new chapter in the tourism sector. With a keen interest in fashion history and women's history, she has infused her tours with a unique blend of cultural insight and a deep appreciation for the stories of the past. Her previous entrepreneurial venture, a costume hiring company, attests to her hands-on experience and commitment to preserving the tangible elements of history.

Estela's passion for uncovering the untold stories of women in history led her to create the project "Women of Lisbon." This walking tour company focuses on bringing to life the captivating narratives of the women who have shaped the history of Lisbon. Through her engaging tours, Estela strives to shed light on the often overlooked contributions and triumphs of women throughout the city's rich history. Travel with us to Portugal in May and explore Lisbon with Estela!

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