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Live Artist Interview:
Melanie Furtado

Join us for a captivating live interview with renowned sculptor Melanie Furtado at the Rens Lipsius Studio, set against the backdrop of her current exhibition, "Women: States of Being." This hybrid event offers the rare opportunity to either experience the discussion in-person or tune in online to witness a blend of art and conversation that promises to enrich your understanding of contemporary sculpture.


About the Event

Melanie Furtado will offer a glimpse into her creative world, sharing her latest sculptures that explore the depth of human emotion as manifested in the form of the contemporary female figure. The interview, led by Lauren Jimerson, PhD, will delve into Furtado's process of sculpting from live models and her nuanced approach to curation, particularly in juxtaposing her works with those of artist Rens Lipsius.

Date: Saturday, November 25th

Time: 12 pm ET / 6 pm Paris

Location: Live on Zoom or in Paris


Ideal Artist House no.2, 159 quai de Valmy

75010 Paris, M7 Chateau Landon

Register: [Click here to register]

Exhibition Insight

"Women: States of Being" showcases sculptures that bring to life the rich diversity and inner worlds of women across different cultures and walks of life. Stripped of clothing and societal expectations, the figures stand in raw, authentic states of being, inviting viewers to reflect on the universal essence of human emotion. This exhibit is a parallel exhibition displayed alongside Rens Lipsius' series Kenya, Artist in the Bush.*

Artist Bio
Melanie Furtado is a celebrated Canadian sculptor and art educator whose work has transcended borders, touching audiences in Canada, Japan, England, and France. With a deep commitment to traditional figurative techniques, her sculptures evoke a visceral connection to the human emotional spectrum.

Don’t miss this immersive experience into the art of sculpture of Melanie Furtado. Whether you join us in Paris or from the comfort of your home, prepare to be moved by the profound intimacy and humanity of Furtado’s art.

Reserve your spot now for this unmissable
encounter with art in its most authentic form!

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*Special Event no.4 for the Kenya, Artist in the Bush exhibition by Rens Lipsius
Within the framework of the Program without Program

Parallel Exhibition I 

Women: States of Being
Sculptures by Melanie Furtado

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