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Bauhaus to Biennale:

An Art Odyssey to Berlin & Venice

Registration Opening Soon!

Embark on an Epic Artistic Odyssey:
Berlin & Venice Biennale

September 22 - October 1, 2024
October 15-24, 2024

This exclusive & intimate trip is limited to 7 women

Imagine immersing yourself in the heart of modern and contemporary art and design in two major art capitals. This is a unique opportunity to experience the world-renowned Venice Biennale the Olympics of the art world, and to explore the vibrant art scene of Berlin with a close-knit community of women. An intimate and exclusive experience, each journey will consist of 7 women, fostering personalized experiences and deeper connections. Not to mention, we'll also be dining at some of the best restaurants!

In Venice we'll explore an ocean of creativity, showcasing the world's leading artists. As we navigate through an exhilarating labyrinth of exhibitions and installations, we'll uncover groundbreaking approaches, styles and perspectives, offering us an unparalleled immersion into the forefront of artistic innovation. But the adventure doesn't end there! The other half of our voyage unfolds in the vibrant city of Berlin, a pulsating epicenter of modern and contemporary art and design. Berlin's galleries, museums, and avant-garde spaces offer a thrilling view into the latest in artistic expression and design innovation. This segment of the journey is meticulously designed to complement the Venetian experience, providing a holistic view of the art world's past, present, and future.

Central to our expedition is a celebration of the phenomenal contributions of women artists and designers in both cities. This focused lens not only highlights the incredible talent and creativity of women in the art and design world but also pays homage to their resilience and groundbreaking achievements. From the artisanal crafts of Venice and Murano glass to the legendary Bauhaus in Berlin that laid the foundation for today's cutting-edge designs, we'll learn about women's important roles in the arts.

Curated by Lauren Jimerson, and led by a cadre of distinguished art historians and design historians, this journey is more than just a tour - it's an artistic odyssey. Our guides are art historians and experts in their fields. They are not just knowledgeable but also exceptionally personable and friendly, ensuring a richly engaging and intimate experience. Their expertise will illuminate the intricate narratives and contexts behind each work of art and design, offering insights that transcend the conventional tour experience.


Limited to an intimate group of just seven women, this exclusive experience is designed to foster a personalized and immersive engagement with the world of art, offering a unique opportunity to deepen friendships and connections within a close-knit setting. 


This two-part journey unfolds as a vivid exploration, rich with artistic innovation, historical significance, and the prominent role of women in the realms of art and design. It provides an in-depth look into the evolving landscapes of 20th & 21st-century and contemporary art and design, honoring the influential women who have sculpted and continue to transform these fields. Embark on this unmatched adventure with Art with Friends, and witness the fusion of history, art, and design from a perspective that is both illuminating and inspiring.

Learn more about the journey from this conversation with Lauren Jimerson & Kiersten Thamm

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