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Bauhaus to Biennale
The Art Odyssey to Berlin & Venice


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Immerse yourself in modern and contemporary art and design in two major art capitals with a close-knit community of women.

Embark on a captivating journey to two of the world’s most illustrious art capitals. This exclusive trip, limited to only 7 art-loving women, promises an intimate and profound exploration of the modern and contemporary art scenes, set against the backdrop of Venice's world-famous Biennale and Berlin's historic Bauhaus movement.

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Venice Biennale: The Olympics of the Art World


Step into the pulsating heart of the global art scene at the Venice Biennale, often celebrated as the Olympics of the art world. Here, you will immerse yourself in an ocean of creativity, meeting the avant-garde of the contemporary art world. Traverse a mesmerizing labyrinth of cutting-edge exhibitions and installations, each offering a window into the groundbreaking styles and perspectives shaping today's artistry. This portion of your journey promises an unparalleled deep dive into artistic innovation, surrounded by the timeless beauty of Venice.

Berlin’s Bauhaus Legacy

Contrasting the ephemeral wonders of the Biennale, Berlin offers a deep-rooted artistic narrative through its iconic Bauhaus heritage. Renowned for its profound impact on modern and contemporary art and design, Berlin’s vibrant cultural landscape is a testament to the enduring influence of the Bauhaus school. From revolutionary architectural designs to trailblazing visual arts, Berlin embodies a dynamic fusion of history and modernity. Explore this pulsating city’s galleries, museums, and avant-garde spaces, each narrating tales of artistic endeavors and innovations.

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Expert Guidance by Renowned Art Historians


Your journey will be expertly curated and led by Lauren Jimerson, who will be accompanying you throughout this incredible odyssey. Lauren, alongside a cadre of distinguished historians, ensures a cohesive and enriching experience from start to finish. Your insights and narratives will be further enriched by two exceptional women: Kiersten Thamm and Cristina Gregorin. Kiersten, an art historian and design historian based in Berlin, brings a wealth of knowledge about the Bauhaus movement and its global influence. Cristina, a bestselling author and licensed guide in Venice, will lead you through the complexities and marvels of the Venice Biennale. Each guide is celebrated for their expertise and engaging storytelling, ensuring a deeply personal and enriching travel experience

Exclusive Art & Design Experiences
Dive into the heart of creativity with unique artisanal and fashion experiences in both Venice and Berlin. In Venice, aside from witnessing the ancient craft of glassblowing in Murano, you will also explore the world of contemporary jewelry design, gaining insights into how local artisans are pushing the boundaries of this delicate art form.

In Berlin, the journey into the arts takes a multifaceted approach. Engage with the city’s dynamic fashion scene by visiting boutique studios, where you'll see firsthand how contemporary design is infused with traditional craftsmanship. Expand your experience with visits to metalworking and glassworking guilds, where the raw transformation of materials into intricate designs will be showcased. A highlight will be the opportunity to step into the studios of leading artists and designers, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the creative processes shaping modern art and design in Berlin.

Then, relive the golden era of cinema by attending a silent film screening accompanied by a live orchestra, creating a blend of visual and auditory artistry that is profoundly moving. Attend a Bauhaus performance, where the integration of art, design, and performance comes to life in a vivid display of historical and contemporary influences. These experiences are not only exclusive but are designed to offer a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich artistic heritage and innovative future of these iconic cities.



Choose from the following journeys:

Highlights of the journey



Michelin Star

Live Fado

Serralves Museum
of Contemporary Art 

Boutiques & artisanal craft markets

Azulejo (tile) painting class


UNESCO World Heritage City

Porto Wine

Weaving and pottery, & cork traditions in Alentejo

Landscape of Sintra

Ajuda Palace

Pastel de nata class (Portuguese tart)

    Crown Jewels

of Portugal

..and more!


Lauren Jimerson, PhD

Art Historian and licensed French Guide

Founder of Art With Friends, Lauren Jimerson is an art historian specializing in modern women artists. She holds a PhD from Rutgers University, an MA from the Courtauld Institute, and a BA from Cornell University. Her research has benefited from grants including a Fulbright fellowship. "She is the author of the recently published book, Painting Her Pleasure: Three Women Artists and the Nude in Avant-Garde Paris, released by Manchester University Press in 2023. Licensed as a French National Guide, Lauren has fifteen years of experience leading scholarly tours in Paris, Rome, and beyond.

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Luxurious Accommodation

Share unforgettable moments and build lasting bonds by staying with fellow guests. For ultimate flexibility in these unpredictable times, you have the liberty to choose your own room, booking directly with our handpicked, luxurious boutique hotels. At Art with Friends, we prioritize your experience over business incentives, ensuring every hotel choice aligns with your highest expectations. Create memories, tailored to you.

Connect with an intimate community of like-minded,
art & culture loving people!

Thank you for crafting such a remarkable journey that I will cherish forever. It was a perfect blend of beauty, tranquility, and seamless travel.
The trip was nothing short of nine days of heaven. The experience was absolutely gorgeous and so wonderfully different from anything I've experienced before. Every moment was amazing, and I can't thank you enough for creating such a unique and exceptional experience. It truly felt like I was in heaven.


Limited availability
Secure your spot today!

Choose from the following options:

The Art Odyssey - Berlin to Venice | Venice to Berlin

Dates: September 19-October 1, 2024 | October 15-27, 2024

  • Duration: 12 Days

  • Cost: $9,360

    • Promotions:

      • $200 off if you've taken an Art with Friends course.

      • $800 off the combined journey to both Venice & Berlin.

    • These can be combined for a total of $1,000 off the combined journey!

    • Special Offer Price: $8,360

  • Combine your travels with "The Art Odyssey," an exclusive 11-day tour that encompasses both Berlin and Venice. Enjoy a seamless journey that includes all transport to airports, with a special day to transition between cities. Experience both destinations with a more relaxed pace and deeper exploration, all at a more attractive price.

Why Choose The Art Odyssey?

  • More for Less: Experience more and spend less with our comprehensive package. The daily rate is reduced, making the full journey significantly cheaper than booking separate trips.

  • Seamless Experience: Enjoy a worry-free transition from Berlin to Venice with all related transport arranged and a day to rest or explore on your own.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Book "The Art Odyssey" and enjoy a total of $1,000 off, making this package the most value-packed choice.

Berlin Journey

Dates: September 19-25, 2024 | October 21-27, 2024

  • Duration: 7 Days

  • Cost: $5,250 Special Offer: Save $200 if you've taken an Art with Friends course! Now just $5,050

  • Explore Berlin's rich history and vibrant contemporary art scene in a week-long immersion. Museums, historical sites, and modern galleries await you.

Venice Journey

Dates: September 26-October 1, 2024 | October 15-20, 2024

  • Duration: 6 Days

  • Cost: $4,600 Special Offer: Save $200 if you've taken an Art with Friends course! Now just $4,400

  • Experience the magic of Venice. From its iconic canals to its exquisite architecture and art collections, Venice offers a deep dive into a storied past.

Accommodations: Note that hotel costs are separate and typically range from $250-$300 per night, allowing you to choose options that best fit your preferences and budget.

Flights from your home and between the cities are not included. However, transportation to and from the airport in each city is provided, and we offer suggested flight itineraries and assistance with booking for those who would like help arranging their travel.


This exclusive & intimate trip is limited to 7 women.

Non-refundable deposit $500 at time of booking. Full payment due 60 days before trip start date.
We understand the unpredictable nature of our times and have worked assiduously to offer the most flexible cancellation policy possible. Click here to read it.

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